Waterfront Life on the Water’s Edge Life on the Water’s Edge Your Seattle waterfront resource…with definitions, maps, and quick links.   Waterfront terminology is ever elusive and nearly always subject to interpretation. We tracked down several Puget Sound and Washington State resources not only to help you know the lingo when it comes to waterfront speak, but to give you quick […]
Buyer Tips Payback times for energy-efficient home upgrades   Thinking of going green?  Today’s technology offers a whole host of ways to boost your home’s efficiency, reduce your carbon footprint and lower your energy bills.  Some upgrades can pay for themselves in a relatively short amount of time, while others with large price tags might take decades to start paying back.  The good […]
Buyer Tips What you need to know about the Washington State Seller Property Disclosure – Form 17   Washington State requires sellers of residential real property to thoroughly disclose material facts on a form called the Residential Real Property Disclosure Statement (often referred to as Form 17). Unless the buyer has expressly waived their rights, the seller must deliver this completed disclosure with 5 days after mutual acceptance.  The buyer then has […]
Waterfront New Real Estate Excise Tax (REET) Rate   Now that Washington State Senate Bill 5998 has been signed into law, our local real estate excise tax—the tax paid when you sell a property—will be getting a facelift in 2020.  The flat rate of the past will make way for a new tiered system which gives owners a tax cut on the first […]
Waterfront Evaluating Waterfront Property Values   Waterfront Property Valuation   While supply and demand clearly play a role in establishing the value of a waterfront property, several unique elements overshadow the typical supply divided by demand equation. The first one is rarity. Examples of this include: point properties—waterfront at the tip of one of our few natural points—with more expansive […]
Waterfront How to Determine the Value of Shared Waterfront Evaluating of Shared Waterfront The concept of shared waterfront incorporates many different waterfront-sharing situations. Establishing the value of the share isn’t as simple as dividing the overall value of the waterfront parcel by the number of shares…although that’s a good start. The term “shared waterfront” has been used to describe everything from a private parcel […]
Waterfront Lakeside Resources That Will Float Your Boat   Local Waterfront and Boating Info Shorelines are heavily regulated in King County and, love it or hate it, the tight guidelines help keep our Puget Sound lakes in good order. King County’s Lake Stewardship Program has produced several fact sheets on lakeside regulations. If you’re wondering what you can plant and still be in […]
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