The scoop on local waterfront living on Lake Washington, Lake Sammamish, and Puget Sound. We provide expert guidance on all things waterfront. From competent price evaluation and strategic positioning to resources and referrals to complete your due diligence.

Waterfront Waterfront Defined Terminology These local definitions will not only to help you know the lingo when it comes to waterfront speak, but to give you quick access tools to research waterfront to your heart’s content. Here is a quick resource to commonly used terms related to waterfront real property:   Bluff    Most beaches on Puget Sound are […]
Waterfront Evaluating Waterfront Property Values While supply and demand clearly play a role in establishing the value of a waterfront property, several unique elements overshadow the typical supply divided by demand equation. The first one is rarity. Examples of this include: point properties—waterfront at the tip of one of our few natural points—with more expansive water frontage and street privacy […]
Waterfront How to Determine the Value of Shared Waterfront The concept of shared waterfront incorporates many different waterfront-sharing situations. Establishing the value of the share isn’t as simple as dividing the overall value of the waterfront parcel by the number of shares…although that’s a good start. The term “shared waterfront” has been used to describe everything from a private parcel shared by two owners […]
Waterfront Lakeside Resources That Will Float Your Boat Shorelines are heavily regulated in King County and, love it or hate it, the tight guidelines help keep our Puget Sound lakes in good order. King County’s Lake Stewardship Program has produced several fact sheets on lakeside regulations. If you’re wondering what you can plant and still be in good graces with the powers that […]
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