Once we know what you love,

we won’t stop until you have it.


Find a Home with Windermere Real Estate

Once we know what you love,

we won’t stop until you have it.

Find Your Home With Windermere

We know the right questions to ask to narrow your search to the home features that speak to you. And then we’ll stop at nothing to find it. Whether it’s a Seattle bungalow with a view or a Bellevue Mid-Century Modern, we know how to find your perfect home. Actually, we do this for a living…so we’re pretty good at it.


Your Vision. Our Mandate.

Finding the right home in the perfect neighborhood and at a cost that is within your budget is no small task.


That’s where we come in. We’ll help you wisely navigate each step in the home-buying process so that you have the information you need to make smart decisions and avoid costly mistakes. Having a Windermere broker on your side is an advantage you can’t afford to sacrifice.


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Expert insight

Dreaming of Second Home?

Thinking About Buying a Second or Vacation Home?

Here are a few tips to make sure it’s worthwhile… These days, having your own home away from home is a compelling concept. There are many clear benefits including being able to use your home how you wish, decorate to your taste, and include your furry friends in your time away. There are also challenges […]
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To Buy or Not to Buy?

Should I Be a Homebuyer in this Market?

Fourteen offers, all contingencies waived, earnest money deposit released to seller on offer acceptance. This is the norm rather than the exception in our current market. Sound crazy? It is! And we’ve been here before. Today’s buyers are likely paying considerably above market values to “win” the war and snag a house that they can […]
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How COVID-19 is Affecting Buying Trends

Home Buying Trends Emerging from COVID-19

Coronavirus has made many of us rethink what is important to us…and our homes are no exception. According to the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR), the top feature desired by buyers is now a home office (or even more than one). 22% of buyers are less concerned about their commute, which means homes in affordable […]
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How Interest Rates Impact Your Buying Power

Interest Rates Make a BIG Difference When You Buy…

You probably know that interest rates affect your monthly mortgage payments, but most of us aren’t aware of just how big an impact they really have on a home loan.  Each 1% change in interest rate equates to roughly a 10% change in buying power.  This means you can qualify for a much more expensive […]
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Payback Times for Energy-Efficient Home Upgrades

Thinking of going green?  Today’s technology offers a whole host of ways to boost your home’s efficiency, reduce your carbon footprint and lower your energy bills.  Some upgrades can pay for themselves in a relatively short amount of time, while others with large price tags might take decades to start paying back.  The good news […]
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How to Buy and Sell Safely in the New Normal

While buying and selling real estate was recently deemed essential in Washington State, the landscape looks very different than it did before the COVID-19 outbreak. Real estate offices remain closed to the public with agents working remotely and hosting virtual client meetings.  Important safety regulations prohibit in-person open houses and limit the number of people […]
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What You Need to Know Before You Buy a Condo

Due Diligence Pays Off Big Time When Buying a Condo

When you buy a condo, you are also buying into its community. You get the benefit of its many amenities, along with the restrictions of its rules, and financial responsibility for its upkeep. Most condominiums offer community features such as pools, exercise rooms, media centers, and entertaining spaces that many people could not comfortably afford […]
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What's the Real Cost of a Fixer?

Assessing the Real Cost of a Fixer

It can be very compelling to find a home in a neighborhood you like that is bargain priced. But how do you know if it will be a good investment? The only certainty in a fixer project is that there will be a substantial amount of uncertainty and risk. There can be significant rewards too, […]
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A Note on COVID-19 and what we're doing about it...

Coronavirus and What We are Doing to Help Keep Our Community Safe

Updated March 23, 2020 On March 23, Washington State Governor Jay Inslee issued a statewide “Stay Home, Stay Healthy” order for a period of at least two weeks. As a part of this order, all “non-essential critical infrastructure” businesses have been forced to close, including real estate brokerages. But that doesn’t mean we’re closed for […]
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Should You Rent or Buy?

Should I Rent or Buy a Home?

It’s important to remember that the purchase or rental of a home is a lifestyle choice as much as it is an investment. It is not just a commodity to negotiate, but also the place you’ll come home to each day and make your own. Yes, it is important to buy wisely and stay within […]
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Is That Flip a Flop? How To Find Out Before You Buy

Flip or Flop? Is That Gorgeous Makeover All It’s Cracked Up to Be?

It seems like the perfect combo of fantastic location and newly renovated home. But is it really? The concept of renovating a tired home for profit (flipping) is a business model that is often naturally averse to the future buyer’s interests. The lower the costs, the higher the profit. And, the lower the costs, the […]
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Seller Disclosures: Because there's no such thing as a flawless house

Seller Property Disclosure: What You Need to Know Before You Buy

So, you just made an offer on your dream home and are now lying awake at night wondering… “What if there’s a big problem with the house that I missed?” Well, it may help to know that Washington State requires sellers of residential real property to thoroughly disclose material facts on a form called the […]
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How Can You Protect Yourself When You Buy?

Key Buyer Protections You May Need for Your Home Purchase

When purchasing a home, there are a number of protections—called contingency clauses—that you can write into your contract to allow you to back out of the sale for specific reasons.  For instance, if your inspection reveals major problems with the home that the seller can’t or won’t fix, your loan financing falls through, you find […]
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The Eras of NW Home Building: Get the Scoop Before You Buy

What’s YOUR Golden Age for NW Homes?

The Northwest has experienced many changes in residential construction though the eras of home building. While not universal, here are a few typical housing rules of thumb we have seen in the Seattle region…   Styles, floor plans and typical home attributes: 1900-1920’s Craftsman, Arts & Crafts, and Tudor homes dominated this era. They often […]
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How to Spot Big Issues Before You Pay for a Honme Inspection

How to Spot Big Issues Before You Pay for a Home Inspection

Before you plop down $500-$800 for a home inspection, it really helps to identify obvious issues up front and determine if A) you are willing to buy the home despite them or B) the seller appears reasonable about addressing them. If neither of the above are yes, but you might want to keep looking rather […]
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Electrify Your Home: How to Prep for an Electric Vehicle

Preparing Your Garage for an Electric Car

Electric cars help lower emissions and fuel costs, improve fuel economy, and bolster energy security. And considering the volatility of gas prices—and their general skyward trajectory—electric fuel shows promise as an economic alternative. But switching to an electric vehicle entails more than new driving habits and a conversation piece with strangers. It’s also a lifestyle […]
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